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catnaps.orgJohn Lockerbie's personal website detailing geometry, urban design and architecture to great lengths
acrnm.comACRONYM® GmbH. Apparel and systems design
anumberfromtheghost.comA virtual reality experience by Peter Adams
void.davidrudnick.orgv-o-i-d by David Rudnick
tombseri.esTomb is a series of 177 individual works, drawn by David Rudnick using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS3, using the trackpad on a 2012 Macbook Pro
neurealm.netAll music by Clouds. All graphics by David Rudnick. Site developed by Jack Clarke Antonin Leopold Dvorak's Biography
www.cameronsworld.netCamerons World!
grids.obys.agencyAn educational project about grids
www.noorilee.comArtist Noori Lee's Personal Portfolio website
quasimondo.comArtist Mario Klingemann's website
leighledare.comThe work of artist Leigh Ledare article on Himalayan Kath Khuni Architecture on Digital Photography
bbs.archlinux.orgArch Linux Forums Te Ching by Lao-tzu Sapper's Product Design works
iohk.ioInput Output Hong Kong's fun interactive landing page
xahlee.infoXah Lee's Knowledge
mrshll.comMarshall Moutenot's long term repository for his writing, notes, and research
erickimphotography.comEric Kim's Photography Blog
www.lingscars.comCheap UK Car Leasing>Resources on the Art of Vibration
forum.mobilism.orgA forum and source for Apks and e-books
collection.museumoffailure.comA Virtual Tour of the Museum of Failure
gen.lib.rus.ecThe offical website of Library Genesis, Source of most acedemic/scientific articles and textbooks
www.gutenberg.orgA volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works of Sony's Industrial Design
thetruesize.comA map visualisation tool to compare the land area of different countries director Hirokazu Koreeda's profile and works
the-eye.euA public archive of various collections Fluid Simulation
www.milliondollarhomepage.comA million pixels of advertisement
aristotle.photographyVisual artist Aristotle Roufanis' works
peelopaalu.neocities.orgA directory of random links's official astronomy picture of the day orbit simulator by Nasa
spaceengine.orgOfficial website for Space Engine, a currently windows-only virtual universe download page for XEphem, an X11 planetarium software
forums.crackberry.comA forum for blackberry users
mpv.ioA website for MPV media player
b-liew.comBrandon from TX John Gruber
subpixel.spacelongform thinking platform maintained by Toby Shorin Tyka's deepdream collection
ultimatewalrus.comUltimate Walrus Adventure
bottomupcs.comComputer Science from the Bottom Up
www.ryojiikeda.comVisual artist, Ryoji Ikeda's website
www.sheldonbrown.comSheldon Brown's Bicycle Technical Info
www.moriyamadaido.comThe Daido Moriyama photo foundationİN GÜN SİRER
www.jvnguyen.comA visual diary by Johnson N.
erowid.orgDocumenting the Complex Relationship Between Humans & Psychoactives forum for Barbican residents
fsv.sourceforge.netA download page for FSV, a film system visualiser inspired by the Jurassic Park Unix hacking scene official website for The Powder Toy complete archive of the Solaris Unix operating system
jun0107.jugem.jpA blog featuring fixed gear bicycles and showcasing tricks
www.flightradar24.comA real-time flight radar
blog.torchnyu.comBurn Rate: A blog for Torch, an NYU club for CS students
filmulator.orgSimplified raw editing with the power of film
pixls.usFree/Open Source Photography
angusnicneven.comPersonal website by Angus Nicneven
kaet.xyzkaet's personal website
art.teleportacia.orgNet Artist, Olia Lialina's personal website
libraryofbabel.infoA library that contains every possible combination of 1,312,000 characters
keygenjukebox.netA collection of keygen music
play.aidungeon.ioAn AI driven text adventure game
radio.gardenListen to the radio from around the world
dali-gallery.comSalvador Dali Art Gallery Tatsuo Suzuki's works
gifcities.orgA search engine of the Internet Archive for gif files from Geocities online JPEG processing toolset Kong Hikers Kiosk
apollo17.orgApollo 17 in Real-time
botto.comA decentralised autonomous artist.
project2.neocities.orgA collection of javascript projects
fanho-forgetmenot.comPhotographer Fan Ho's Official Website
userinyerface.comA puzzle to navigate through a website of a deliberately bad user interface reproduction of the graphics in the boardroom scene in Tron: Legacy
handbrake.frOfficial website for HandBrake, an open source video transcoder
www.slsknet.orgOfficial website for Soulseek, a p2p filesharing network OpenCourseWare, free courses offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a free DAW available on many operating systems
lichess.orgA free website to learn and play chess
avistaz.toA private tracker for asian cinema
www.blender.orgOfficial website for the blender project